Pediatric cancer is not rare. In fact 1 in 285 children will be diagnosed with pediatric cancer every year. Childhood cancer kills more Canadian children than all other diseases combined. What you might find surprising is that Canada gives less than 3% of national cancer research funds to study childhood cancer – yet it is the #1 cause of death of our children.

The treatments that are offered for our children are made-for-adult treatments that are altered as best as possible for our children. Of those children that survive childhood cancer, 75% will have chronic health issues because of the treatment they have had. These include things like heart failure, and secondary cancers caused by their treatment.

We need to do more. We all have a voice – lend yours in support of getting more funds dedicated to eradicating this terrible disease from the lives of our children.

Here are some organizations that support childhood cancer:

Kids Cancer Care
Believe in the Gold
Childhood Cancer Canada Foundation