Greta gets a break at Cancer Camp

Calgary, AB. – On Thursday, July 20, 2017 at 10 am, three-year-old Greta Marofke is finally able to get a break from cancer at SunRise – a Kids Cancer Care day camp in the city for children ages three to seven.

The camp is held at the Killarney-Glengarry Community Centre. After almost two years of cancer treatments, numerous surgeries and a liver transplant, Greta is finally back at home in Calgary and healthy enough to go to summer camp.

“We’re celebrating!” said Greta’s mother Lindsey Marofke. “Greta is home and feeling so much better with her new liver. She’s excited to go to camp. She sees her brother doing things and going places and she wants to go, but she can’t because it’s always a risk every time we take her outside. SunRise is the safest thing we can do for her right now and we’re really excited about it. We want Greta to have a chance to be a regular child, to have some fun and happiness, to have some semblance of life other than cancer.”

Greta has been on a long difficult journey. She was diagnosed with a rare liver cancer in September 2015. After six months of chemotherapy and a liver resection that removed 70 per cent of her liver, Greta seemed to be thriving. But the cancer returned in August 2016 and Greta’s family learned that her only hope was a liver transplant, a procedure that is not available in Canada. Greta’s liver transplant cost the family $600,000 (US), so the Marofke family set up a Go Fund Me page to help defray some of the costs. To date, they have raised $312,000 of their $500,000 goal.

Although the liver transplant was successful and Greta has not experienced any rejection issues so far, her future remains uncertain. The cancer has now appeared in Greta’s lungs and her parents continue to explore further treatment options with her doctors.

At camp, Greta and her friends will be participating in a range of activities, including field games, music therapy, creating Superhero Modge Podge Picture Frames, receiving Superhero Awards and Hero Wands and taking part in a cooking class with Poppy Innovations. All Kids Cancer Care programs are specially designed to be safe and hygienic for children with compromised immune systems. SunRise staff is taking every precaution to ensure it is safe and hygienic for Greta, whose immune system is doubly compromised due to the chemotherapy and antirejection medication she is taking post-transplant.

“This is why we exist,” said Christine McIver, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kids Cancer Care. “We’re here to give children like Greta a chance to be kids. It may only be one week, but for some kids, it could be their last week. We’re so happy Greta is feeling well enough to attend SunRise and grateful that her parents have trusted us enough to take care of her.”
Gail Corbett, Manager of Marketing and Communications
Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta
C 403 607 5565 
Every year in Alberta, over 160 children are diagnosed with cancer and face months, often years, of cancer treatments followed by a life-time of cancer-related health problems. With a vision to provide a cure for every child and care for every family, Kids Cancer Care’s ultimate goal is to end childhood cancer, while easing the pain and suffering of the disease today, through three essential program areas: 1. Research and Hospital; 2. Education Support and Scholarships; and 3. Camp and Outreach.

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