The worlds worst rollercoaster

We have been working extensively with doctors in Calgary, Toronto and Cincinnati on how best to take care of Greta’s relapsed hepatoblastoma (liver cancer).  Our Canadian doctors have done everything they can to help but, in this case, our system is far behind many of the large centers in the world.

Dr. Geller, a paediatric oncologist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, has a special interest in hepatoblastoma and much more experience than any Canadian doctors.  He has been working closely with our Canadian doctors but is convinced he can do more to help Greta than is possible here. But it is expensive!

We are travelling to Cincinnati right away to start the evaluation process for a possible liver transplant and a procedure called T.A.R.E  which will help to hopefully stabilize her tumour and prevent it from spreading beyond her liver but we need approximately  $150K US for the procedure.  However, there is a chance they would be able to transplant right away. This would require A LOT more money. We’ll be crossing that bridge as we come to it.

Keeping sending your prayers, and please share our fundraising campaign as far and wide as you can.

love Lindsey, Steve, Ben and Greta

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